A Twenty-Two Letter Phrase


Posted on: September 28th, 2021

A Twenty-Two Letter Phrase, the artistic project of renowned Australian musician Angus Gardiner, has released the compelling, melancholy new single and video Predisposition, a heavily metaphorical, contemplative song about getting a second lease on life, feeling new, and having a complicated relationship with your old self.


The track precedes the debut EP for A Twenty-Two Letter Phrase, Just Tell Me What I Gotta Do out September 30, and written through the midst of grieving the loss of a close friend. The EP release will be celebrated with an intimate live performance streamed to the A Twenty-Two Letter Phrase YouTube channel on October 1.


Angus Gardiner, the accomplished musician behind A Twenty-Two Letter Phrase, is a well-known session player for massive Australian acts Montaigne, Jack River, Jarryd James, E^ST, Dean Lewis and more, as well as a founding member of the hugely popular band Papa vs Pretty.

Hear Angus Gardiner (A Twenty-Two Letter Phrase) join us on The Music Weekly to unpack this new project:

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