Alex Garla


Posted on: June 9th, 2021

Melbourne-based producer Alex Garla has released his new single ‘No Love‘ – a tantalisingly dark electronic and soulful track.

No Love’ is a self-written, self-performed and self-produced beauty from the rising young artist and brings together Alex’s love of R&B and penchant for dank beats in an all encompassing groove bender. Inspired by an eclectic mix of R&B, neo-soul and pop/electronic artists such as SZA, H.E.R, Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean and KehlaniNo Love’ is an amalgamation of Garla’s immense musicality and diverse production skill.


Alex Garla’s sound is ever-evolving. Having grown up immersed in the world of jazz at a young age performing on trumpet, it was inevitable that he later discovered the endless opportunities within the world of R&B. Producing demos and writing since 2013, he was attracted to how music lends itself to self-expression and endless creativity.

Beginning in voice memos, then on iPhone apps to now professional recording software, his growth demonstrates his determination for success. Amid the recording and production process, Alex sings, plays the keys and programs drums, with the majority of his creative process transpiring in the digital realm. However, a lot of the time he will begin his creative process by sitting at the piano and improvising on melodies and harmony. No Love’ is yet another notable display of Alex Garla’s multifaceted skill set and highly intricate, polished sound.

No Love’ is out now via Tremorverse Records.

Hear Alex Garla join us to unpack the single on The Music Weekly:

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