Arianne Ritz


Posted on: February 21st, 2020

Arianne & Natasha Ritz have just launched a side hustle called ARNA.

ARNA is all about empowering women to make bold decisions and our vision is to change the stories women see and tell about themselves in society.

When Tash and Ari created their mission and vision they looked at the facts; There is an estimated 208 years until gender parity and men continue to dominate the workforce in senior positions.

They have launched by selling beautiful work and laptop bags for women to power up their everyday.

Soon they will be launching a booking platform where companies can book Tash or Ari (and eventually loads of other amazing women) to create workshops or to keynote speak at events around business with purpose, values and changing behaviours that hold women back.

Arianne recently designed and created a workshop for LinkedIn (where she works full time) about the behaviours that hold women back in the workforce, E.g. impostor syndrome, or waiting until they are 99% ready for a role before going for it. This workshop went global and has now been run with over 300 women. Arianne was nominated for an MVP out of 6000 people at Linkedin!

Even better than this, more women have now been stepping up for opportunities and more women than ever before have been getting promotions at LinkedIn. This is just the start of what Ari and Tash are trying to create. It’s all about women sharing knowledge and coming up together.

Brad sat down with Ari on #FeministFridays to hear the story of ARNA so far:

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