Posted on: December 9th, 2021

Exciting art-pop force Austen has released her anticipated second EP, a four-track release aptly titled Small.


Off the back of her acclaimed single ‘The Fire, a highly-acclaimed left-field slice of pop, the sophomore EP solidifies Austen’s range as a songwriter, as Small takes the listener on a journey through more moods in four tracks than many would expect from a full length album.


Lead single ‘How To Be Alone is an 80’s-tinged, dark synth-pop banger that tugs at your heartstrings and your dancing shoes in equal measure. With raw and personal lyrics that perfectly echo the feelings of the whole world during the past 18 months, despite being written pre-lockdown, it’s now poised to become our 2021 anthem.

Described as a “rising pop star” (Purple Sneakers), the young songwriter-producer shows that she is an artist unafraid to dance outside the boundaries of pop. The Small EP infuses 60’s nostalgia, house, electronica, and psychedelic synths into the ethereal alt-pop sound that fans know and love her for.


It’s been a big few years for Austen, with debut EP Passenger Seat – named after the road trip in the desert with an ex during which it was written – garnering radio rotation and selling out shows in its wake. Her striking live show has seen her tour with the likes of AURORA, Col3trane, Love Fame Tragedy, & The Kite String Tangle, and hit the stage at festivals like Big Pineapple, Yours & Owls, and Splendour in the Grass, cementing Austen as one of the most electrifying rising voices of her kind.

After a steady stream of singles in 2021, Austen finishes the year strong, leaving us wondering: could there be a Medium or a Large on the way?

We caught up with Austen on The Music Weekly to unpack the EP:

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