Chase Zera


Posted on: December 13th, 2021

Having strongly defined her disco-pop soundscape in recent years, 2021 has seen Chase Zera come into her own visually, musically and aesthetically. Following on from her disco pop anthem Supernova’, Chase Zera returns with an equally anthemic, intoxicating new single ‘Jealous.


With an irresistibly danceable disco beat mixed with psychedelic synth lines that expand into a breathtaking chorus, this tune grabs your attention immediately. Underneath the grooves however, lies lyrics exploring the dark emotion of jealousy and how being infatuated with someone also comes with the painful fear of losing them.

The dark undertones combined with the infectious soul of the track demonstrates Chase’s ability to really get her point across whilst still giving the listener a track they can dance to.


Growing up as a dancer and being heavily inspired by pop and disco icons, Chase states “I knew I wanted to be a performer before I knew I wanted to be a musician”. This focus on dance is clear through her disco laden discography which has seen her support Bag Raiders, Hayden James and more as well as showcasing her energetic live show at Wine Machine and NYE In The Park.

In 2020, Chase continued to go from strength to strength as she released four empowering singles, ‘Bring Me Down’, ‘Saving Bugs’, ‘Over Here’ and ‘No More’ which made a bold statement for the future star. Chase Zera’s new single Jealous is out now.

Hear Chase Zera join us on-air for The Music Weekly to unpack this new single:

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