Clarice Gargard


Posted on: March 6th, 2020

Clarice M.D. Gargard is a journalist, columnist, program maker, documentary maker and social advocate.

Her work is centered around criticizing power structures, intersectional feminism, human rights and structural inequality. She sees it as her task to give and illuminate other perspectives, also in regards to her Afro-European background.

Together with Hasna El Maroudi, Gargard is the founder of the feminist multimedia platform and zine Lilith, and she is also currently working as Correspondent Resistance and NRC columnist, and has extensive experience working for high profile media outlets in Europe and America. 

In 2019, Gargard was the Dutch women’s representative and gave a speech on women’s rights and the importance of systemic change at the United Nations General Assembly



As a creative maker and lover of art and culture: 

  • She is also a board member at the Prince Claus Fund and a part of the Supervisory Board of the Holland Festival.
  • Her documentary Daddy and the Warlord, about her father and the Liberian civil wars, won the Golden Calf for Best Short Documentary in 2019. 
  • She also won a Black Achievement Award in the People and Society category and has been nominated in 2018 and 2019 for the Joke Smit encouragement prize for her work and advocacy.

Gargard’s book Drakendochter (Arbeiderspers) about her family history, migration, politics and society is now available in bookstores.

Sarah Liberty spoke with Clarice Gargard for #FeministFridays:

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