Diana Nguyen


Posted on: July 17th, 2020

Vietnamese Australian comedian and actor Diana Nguyen has overcome some significant challenges in her life, but that hasn’t stopped her from rising above them through the power of laughter. Through her 15 year career as a performer, she has grown a 45,000 following on LinkedIn, and is widely known as Dancing Diana. She regularly attends events as a creative entrepreneur, and trains others to be in charge of their personal branding, and to talk about their creativity. Diana uses her comedy to entertain, but to also address real issues that affect women.

In her conversation with Sarah Liberty on #FeministFridays, Diana discusses the importance of laughter as therapy, and as a means of self expression and self empowerment – as well as means of escape, particularly during the global Covid pandemic. She and Sarah also talk about their hilarious enthusiasm for outrageous fashion, dodgy sex experiences and mutual appreciation for Keanu Reeves.

Listen to Diana speak with Sarah on #FeministFridays here:


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