Jordan Wilson


Posted on: June 23rd, 2021

Treasured Aussie songwriter Jordan Wilson, of Georgia Fair, has released his debut solo single Totem, a moving piece of music reflective of both a past relationship and the sacred process of writing itself, out now. Totem is accompanied by a sweet, nostalgic video, directed by Odin Umeofia.


Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Jordan reflects, “This song is about a long relationship that ended pretty abruptly and quickly, and it created a real sense of loss and confusion in my life – but music helped to mitigate the void that it created, in some kind of way. It helped me stay connected to something higher. The idea is that the process of writing, and the song itself, is the Totem – something that you can use to hang on to and worship, so to speak.”


A deep thinker and creative soul to the core, Jordan Wilson is currently juggling his new solo project alongside album sessions with Georgia Fair and the upcoming release of his first book. Some Short, Some Long will be released in late 2021 and includes several short stories, one longer story and poems with illustrations to match.

Hear Jordan Wilson unpack the new single via Zoom on The Music Weekly:


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