Matt Simons


Posted on: May 18th, 2022

L.A based artist Matt Simons has a unique ability to reach a global audience, with an accessible sound that still feels personal to each of his fans worldwide.

Earlier this month, Matt celebrated the release of his fourth Studio album Identity Crisis, on [PIAS] Recordings – bringing together some of his recent hit singles including ‘Better Tomorrow‘, ‘Cold‘ and ‘Identity Crisis‘, which have amassed over 50 million streams and counting while his previous albums have been streamed over 1 billion times.


A story of humble beginnings, Simons grew up in Palo Alto, California as the grandson of two opera singers. He spent much of his early life studying jazz and classical music, playing the piano before switching to clarinet and guitar before crafting his own, melodic pop identity.


It wasn’t long before he took steps to self-promote his releases online. To his surprise, his appealing pop sensibilities picked up an audience in the Netherlands, where his career started to really take off. A sync on a Dutch TV show and a string of tour dates meant he had the perfect foundation to build a career overseas.

Deepend’s remix of ‘Catch & Release‘ bubbled up organically and ended up as one-off 2016’s biggest hits, reaching Gold and Platinum status in a dozen territories and the top of the European Airplay chart.


2018’s ‘We Can Do Better’ and ‘Open Up‘ (2019) and ‘Better Tomorrow‘ (2020) following close behind, with success spreading even further. From those early days of self-promotion to over 1 billion streams has been an impressive journey that just keeps continuing.


Hear Matt Simons join us on The Music Weekly to unpack the new album and his journey so far:

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