Posted on: July 8th, 2021

NIDALA is an Aboriginal singer-songwriter born of the Djugun people of the coastal Kimberley, now living in Byron Bay. Blending indie-rock, blues roots and soul, she self describes her music as an anthem for open hearts and raised fists. Inspired by musicians like Julia Jacklin, Billie Holiday and Samia, she mixes strong emotive vocals with low-fi instrumentation to create stripped-back live feel tracks.


In August 2020, NIDALA began recording the tracks for her debut EP ‘Colours of my People’ – a carbon neutral project aimed at creating reconciliation in all forms. Dedicating 20% of all proceeds to planting trees, NIDALA hopes to demonstrate that music can be a direct tool for creating tangible positive change in the world. She is dedicating a further 20% of proceeds towards funding Indigenous run initiatives, ranging from mental health services to creative mentoring, as a means to amplify the positive work of her people.


The first track ‘One of Those Days’ was recorded at a friend’s home in the Byron Shire. Soon after, she secured funding (thanks to the help of producer Emily Toner) for a session at Rocking Horse Studio with Paul Pilsneniks, for the three final tracks of the EP. This most recent project marks a shift in NIDALA’s musical composition, adding a three piece band, including guitarist Matthew Collins and drummer Charity Turner, to enrich her sound.

Hear NIDALA catch up with us on The Music Weekly to unpack this new single and the forthcoming EP:


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