Posted on: May 27th, 2021

Melbourne-based artist Thomas Lee launches his debut music project Oceans – a fusion of shoegaze and ambient electronic soundscapes. 2020 saw listeners get their first glimpse of Oceans with him featuring on Atalein’s single ‘Touch’. Now, Tom is hitting the ground running in 2021 with the release of his debut EP – out now!


Coming from a multi-instrumentalist background, Tom has explored the various timbres of guitar, piano and programmed drum machines in his formative years. It wasn’t until discovering the vast catalogue of 90s shoegaze and ambient electronica that he considered finding his own musical voice and began his journey into songwriting. This sparked his interest in collecting vintage analogue synthesizers and boutique guitar pedals to create the unique sound that is Oceans.


From countless nights spent layering sonic textures, to days filled with creating nostalgic soundscapes with a modern twist, Oceans debut EP Come So Far is an ambient trip of all-out bliss. Expect to hear dreamy pads overlaid with roaring guitars and whispery vocal harmonies singing ballads of love, loss, and letting go of the past.

Hear Thomas Lee of Oceans join us on The Music Weekly to unpack the EP:


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