Posted on: November 24th, 2020

One of Adelaide’s most exciting emerging bands, Openfire, have released their explosive new single Wonderland.


Wonderland is a fascinating track – within it, a question is posed to the listener: if you knew you could have it all, but that it would truly cost everything, would you still pay that price? The new single marks an exciting new era for the band, off the back of their brilliant 2019 album Reverie.


The immersive, soaring track was written and tracked in Openfire’s home studio, with all elements being put together by members of the band. The listener can feel it, too; there’s a love and care within Wonderland that feels intimate and thoughtful. The track was mixed and mastered by Adelaide’s Alex Mader of Disk Edits (Hilltop Hoods).

Brad caught up with Anthony of Openfire for The Music Weekly:

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