Rachael Natoli


Posted on: January 31st, 2020

The Lokahi Foundation was formed in 2016 by Rachael Natoli after leaving a long-term abusive relationship in which she was subjected to physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse.

After finally finding the strength to leave, she and her then 2-year old twins had 5 different “homes” in 7 weeks, before they finally resettled into a new safe and happy life. It wasn’t an easy road, and Rachael couldn’t have got through the stress and difficulty of leaving without the encouragement and understanding of her caseworker, who went above and beyond in the level of care and support she provided.

Rachael realised that if everyone had a caseworker like hers, more DFV victims would leave, stay away and rebuild their lives independently, and so the idea for Lokahi was born…and Rachael is now dedicating her life to advocating domestic abuse prevention and support through Lokahi.

Lokahi Foundation caseworkers provide a high level of support with no time limitations as we help survivors navigate the myriad of services and support unique to each survivor.

The Foundation offer access to case managers through our online web forms, and aim to enable secure cloud storage of evidence through the website in the near future.

If you need urgent assistance regarding domestic abuse or family violence, please phone Triple 0 (000, in Australia) or phone the Domestic Violence line on 1800 65 64 63. More useful services can be found here.

Rachael Natoli spoke with Sarah Liberty for #FeministFridays:

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