Sam Sparro


Posted on: February 14th, 2020

Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer SAM SPARRO has announced the details of his long-awaited third album BOOMBOX ETERNAL, out February 21. The 12-track collection is his first full length album since 2012’s Return to Paradise and draws influences from the late-80s / early-90s pop music he grew up listening to on cassette through the speakers of his bedroom boombox.


“The project is a love letter to my 8-year old self and to the music that made me want to be an artist,” Sparro notes. “The songs are mostly about love but also about  power and breaking through boundaries.” Sam recently shared a post about his struggles with addiction and mental illness, and how that has impacted the music.

BOOMBOX ETERNAL is a celebration of life and love and a declaration of joy, in-spite of the division and problems in the world today. The music holds true to Sam’s irreverent, existential and witty style. Though nostalgic, the sound has a modern twist with vocal production and mixes courtesy of multi-Grammy winning mixer Josh Gudwin.


Born in Sydney, Australia and raised in Los Angeles, Sparro’s releases include multi-platinum single Black and Gold–which has seen wildly popular covers by the likes of Adele, Katy Perry and more–#1 single “Happiness,” and albums Sam Sparro and Return to Paradise.


He has also collaborated with Mark Ronson, Adele, Kylie Minogue, Aluna George, Basement Jaxx, Nile Rodgers and Adam Lambert, among others.

We caught up with SAM SPARRO to dissect the new album on The Music Weekly:

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