Velvet Bloom


Posted on: December 4th, 2019

Maddy and Yara of Melbourne roots act Velvet Bloom joined us in studio for #FeministFridays recently while in town for a Sydney show.

Velvet Bloom was founded and is fronted by Maddy Herbert with an almost all-male band supporting her vocals and guitar work. Maddy is wanting to start fostering conversations about the discriminative struggles and hurdles a majority of female artists have to face when navigating the Australian music industry.

Her hope is that by starting these much needed conversations and bringing awareness to these issues, it will be a starting point to help not only eradicate them, but also educate the younger generation on the importance of treating people equally, without stigmatising them dependant on their gender.


From comments like “If you’re a female in the music industry you can’t have a boyfriend because you need to sleep with people to do well”, to constantly having sound engineers ask the males in her band about requirements which they would always have to then direct them to Maddy. Even having people in management rolls talking about her body or offering Maddy accommodation with the exclusion of the boys in her band, doing professional tasks for her and expecting sexual tasks in exchange for it.

Hear #FeministFridays every Friday at 4.30pm on Energy Groove with Sarah Thompson.

Find more about Velevet Bloom here:

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