Vibhuti Vazirani


Posted on: July 31st, 2020

Vibhuti Vazirani is the London-based fashion revolutionary behind 100% sustainable international fashion label ZAVI, which is taking the world by storm. 

ZAVI uses plant-based fabrics and dyes to challenge the fast fashion industry. The label ranges both women’s and men’s lines across casual dressing, cocktail attire, business casual and activewear, and uses only natural fibres: 100% hemp, 100% organic cotton and bamboo blend, 100% organic cotton, 100% vegan silk, and 100% pro-viscose (a lyocell and viscose blend created from recycled wood cellulose). The collection has monthly drops, and the price range sits between $80 – $300.

Vibhuti Vazirani is highly socially conscious, and vocal about the destructive nature of fast fashion. She believes sustainable style is “a revolution waiting to happen”, and in her #FeministFridays episode with Sarah Liberty, she shares her inspiring story of growing up in Mumbai, and her insights regarding how we can all reduce our environmental footprint in our everyday lives. 

Listen to Vibhuti Vazirani speak with Sarah for #FeministFridays:


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